All-Stages Meditation Experience                   (written by:  Henry Chan in Toronto)
Life as I knew it has been one big balloon, fully blown and pressurized, filled with heavy Krypton gas instead of with uplifting Helium. Whether its school, family or work, the stress kept piling on and didn・t want to go away. There・s no relieving valve to ease the pressure and the pain that came along with it. I thought one of these days, may be sooner than later, it・s going to explode and I would be disintegrated from this world prematurely before I can live a true full life.

Out of sheer luck or desperation (or is it my destiny), and through my friend Daniel・s persuasion, I found myself sitting in a meditation seminar, wondering if this was another sales pitch on healing with complex principles and a steep price tag. To my surprise, it was simple, straight forward, and very affordable, as explained by the instructor and promoter, Mr. Yeung. I decided to give it a try (with some reservation) and invested my time and money.

In this testimonial, I will share with you just the highlights of my learning experience, the major obstacles and challenges I have to overcome, and the awakening and benefits while cruising through the basic course.

First of all I found the small class size was very beneficial for me because I was more focused and have time for questions. The step-by-step, simple and clear instructions that built on each lesson were logical and methodical, although we didn・t know that until at the end of the course. In retrospect, that・s what Mr. Yeung had intentionally done to keep it simple for us and asking us to just do it without a doubt. Philosophies of life were also introduced with real life stories and examples mainly to help us have a good grasp of the inexplicable meaning of meditated senses and perceptions. This has helped me tremendously in understanding the All-Stage Meditation way.

I have always identified myself as a simple person living in a complex world. Although I looked calm on the outside, I am actually all bottled up inside. I have tried a couple of different meditations before and I have minimal results because I just couldn・t get rid of the thoughts that kept rising. With All-Stage Meditation, I was able to calm down in just four lessons. The distracting thoughts are not affecting me anymore. I am able to immerse myself into the sensory zone of meditation.

After the fifth lesson, I found myself gradually feeling a stronger sense of inner peace. I was told by my family, friends and colleagues that they saw a change in me, albeit subtle, that I was able to cope with situations that I normally would have blown my top. Concurrently, up to lesson eight, I have also encountered a self-healing experience through some involuntary body movements. That actually helped me with my lower back and lower internal organ. More importantly, I felt positive and confident with myself when I have to face my daily challenges.

Thanks to Mr. Yeung. Thanks to All-Stage Meditation. You have helped me find my relieving valve. I will continue to practise All-Stage Meditation from here on. I know over time and with persistence I will continue to improve my health, realize my sense of inner peace, and find balance in my life. I hope all readers will take that important step for your own benefit to learn All-Stage Meditation. :I did. :

by Henry Chan, January 10, 2015, Toronto, Canada