My review of All-Stages Meditation classes   (written by:  Mann Tad Li  in Toronto)

I would definitely recommend the classes to most people.  It was a pity that my limited understanding of Cantonese meant that I could only pick up clearly may be 1/3 to ½ of each class.  However, I was able to understand the basics with the help of my mother.

Unfortunately, I was not able to be as diligent in meditating as I would have liked, I still felt that there was a beneficial effect.  I am unable to quantify or specify what the effect is, including any noticeable health effects.  But, I think that there is a psychological boost and after a meditation session, the brain feels clear and relaxed.  I also feel that it may have helped in my posture as I am now more aware of it.

I am sure that for stressed people, they will feel a much bigger effect and will benefit even more, especially if they are diligent in doing the meditation exercises. I think that most people will find that it can help reduce the psychological effects of stress, which I am sure in turn can reduce the physical effects of stress.

The stories or analogies given in class can help in understanding how to approach meditating and I can consider being a form of training of the mind.  While I have learnt about religious and philosophy in school many years ago, I have little experience in meditation or other forms of inward training of the mind.

I can understand that some may have religious objections to the stores given in class, especially as some are derived from Lao Tze, or to meditation in general, but I do not have any personal objections.  As far as I am concerned, meditation can contribute greatly to improve mental and hence physical health.

I will definitely continue to practice sitting meditation and hope I can be more diligent about it in the future.  I feel that I will benefit from it, even if I cannot explain how or why.

                                                                          Mann Tad Li