Reflections on Hsi All-Stages Meditation 2015   (written by:  Michael Tam in Toronto, September, 2015)


The Hsi All-Stages Meditation is unlike any meditative methods that we have encountered.  The presentation lecture described a method that was discovered through Master Hsi¡¦s own exploration, together with Chinese philosophical teachings and systematic meditative practices.

The fundamental difference between HASM from all other meditative methods being that is not mind-directed, but rather through developing a mind of impassive awareness.  Through successive stages of practice, this quiescence allows the self-regenerating life force to emerge, resulting in the healing to the body and mind.

I attended the Hsi All-Stages Meditation the second time around since 2010, it brought new realization of the benefit of diligent daily practice.  Back then, I practiced meditation periodically without understanding the process was likened the purification of the mind or inner consciousness.

In each lessons from the beginner through the intermediate level of meditation, Master Yeung imparted new Chinese philosophical teachings according to Taoist teachings, together with the review of each participants¡¦ inner experience and a new step in the meditative practice.

The fundamental difference of All-Stages Meditation from other meditative methods is being not mind directed.  Aberrant thoughts are incessant, but the practice of the impassive view has freed oneself from their attachment.  Master Yeung strongly emphasized the importance of inner experience developed through the stages of meditative practice with diligent practice.

The inner experience was indeed profound as I revisited the lecture series the second time around.  Through successive meditative exercises, I could develop an impassive view to aberrant thoughts as well as many past life experience which left us emotional scarred. With the experience of each stage of the lessons, it was becoming more natural to enter the state of peaceful quietness. However, the influence of daily life would affect the ease of achieving this serene inner mind.

I then discovered after the stage of impassive view, entered the stage of an inner peaceful mind, there were levels of this inner world to be discovered.   One must allow the venture of this inner mind to develop without any conscious direction.  The experience of this journey was profound of which could be termed healing of the unconscious inner self.

The experience after each meditative session may differ with uncertain result, so there must not be a mind directed expectation.  There was experience of well-being included deeper and sounder sleep, reduced blood pressure to a more normal state and a sense of better spirit to the point of being blissful at one point. 

In the overall sense, there was less emotional reaction to stressful events in daily life.  There was more sense of calmness to face life¡¦s ups and downs, with greater courage to walk the path along life's mountains and valleys. In a rarer way, there emerged a sense of happiness or blissfullness, that was not associated with earthly phenomenan.  It was simply nivana or ultimate bliss.

We are in the beginning phase of the Hsi All-Stages Meditation, yet benefiting from it in different ways.  There is much to be discovered through diligent practice since it is the inner experience that will lead to changes, as it is much said by the master, to whom we are very grateful to show us the way.


By Machael Tam, September, 2015