A Real Case of a Pregnant All-Stages Meditator

            I was fourteen weeks pregnant when first met Mr. David Yeung, the instructor of All-Stages Meditation. Since pregnancy, I had serious bleeding in the uterus for several times. According to the diagnoses, the bleeding was due to the shift in position of the uterus. The shifted placenta pressed the blood vessels and the nerves, causing frequent pain and loss of blood. This condition still went on after many different kinds of medical treatments. I lay on bed for three and a half months for treatment but the condition still did not improve. At that time I luckily knew about All-Stages Meditation.

            When I first started learning meditation, the above condition didn’t have obivous improvement because I hadn’t had enough experience on it. But through Mr. Yeung’s patient instructions and encouragement, I began practicing meditation everyday without stoppage. After about ten days, my instinct began the self-treatment. The bleeding stopped and never happened again. After four months, I could go to work as usual. Through meditation, my placenta eventually shifted back into the right position. It was evidenced that my placenta was developing normally again after went through infra-red scanning. However, because of the uneven thickness of the wall of my uterus, my doctor advised that surgical operation might be needed to take the baby out.

            I was prepared for the worst situation but I continued practicing meditation everyday without a single day stoppage. I even did meditation in the hospital until two hours before giving birth. Finally and luckily, my baby boy was born successfully without surgical operation. The baby was cute and pretty, and weighted about eight pounds. The obstetrician told me except for the circumstance that the placenta had stuck onto the uterus which had to be taken out by hand, everything went several times better than expectation. In addition, my wound recovered quickly. I strongly believe that if I hadn’t practiced meditation, more problems might have occurred.

            Now, my kid is growing up healthily. He is very smart and acute. Sometimes I am amazed by how fast and how well he learns. He always make my family feel happy and joyful. My mental and physical health is much better than before. I am healthy enough to deal with my busy job and family matters without any problems. Therefore, meditation has really helped me a lot in my life.

            In fact, every people in this world can do meditation. It has no boundaries nor limitations. Even a pregnant woman like me could take advantage of it. So it really proved its effects and advantages. I will keep practicing meditation for the rest of my life. I will introduce meditation to everyone I know and hope everyone can benefit from it.

(Written by Madam Leung, Wai Lin on April 7, 1993 in Hong Kong. Translated by Jeffrey Yeung in July, 98 in Canada)