[jı   Sam Ng  (September 2016)

All-stages meditation summer 2016:
       About 8 months ago, my masseuse was telling me about a type of meditation she was learning that promoted both mental and physical self healing capabilities within our own bodies. All natural, no medication required. Each week, we'd discuss her progress and aside from her words, what was more noticeable was that she seemed gradually more upbeat and relaxed from this meditation she spoke of. One day, she notified me about an upcoming open house trial class for beginners. As much as I could see the benefits of this meditation for myself as I have anxiety and a high stress career, what I really saw was how this could benefit my mother, who also suffers from anxiety and chronic pain from old age and lack of exercise. It did not require much convincing but once she was willing to give this a try, we signed up and the rest is history. Most people would probably have their reservations about participating in these kinds of self healing classes and justifiably so, but once you make it to the first class, (which is often the hardest step to take) your mind will be put at ease instantly. Professor Yeung and his wife are the most generous and accommodating couple one could meet. His knowledge on various topics and her care make this a very enjoyable class. They are not here to make a fortune off of others, but instead they are only here to share their knowledge (tried, tested and true from their own life experience) that can help benefit anyone as long as they are willing to keep an open mind and show the necessary dedication that is required. In turn, with the right amount of practice, the rewards for those individuals will be invaluable. 
       We are now coming into our final class as I write this article but the results have been drastic already. While my initial intention was mainly to accompany my mother to these classes, it has turned out to be very beneficial for me as well. Even with just 30 minutes of meditation daily for the past 11 weeks, I have noticed that I am more appreciative and more optimistic about life. Also, I feel more calm in taking on the unavoidable challenges that life often throws our way. While some of my classmates have reported an improvement in the healing of some of their chronic physical ailments, I personally have yet to experience any of that myself. Hopefully in time, I will be able to experience those benefits as well but if this meditation does nothing more than just heal myself mentally from anxiety, then it is already worth doing daily. Anything else is an added bonus. Though the classes will be coming to an end shortly, I definitely plan on continuing to make All-stages meditation as part of my daily routine in my busy life. By keeping in touch with my classmates, Professor Yeung and his lovely wife for continual support, we are all just beginning to skim the surface to our ultimate potential both mentally and physically.
Sam Ng