My Understanding of All¡VStages Meditation          Mars Wong (Mar. 7, 2017)

During our life hood, we are embedded with cycles. Just to name a few, those from ancestor ¡V Yin Yang; Wu Hang, from their wisdom ¡V kindness & blessing; from our teacher & parent ¡V respect. Turning to the current; from nature ¡V weather; from environment ¡V green living; from race ¡V reproduction; from our body ¡V respiratory; digestive, etc. The cycles go on continuously in circle silently.

Should a cycle being broken, then it turn into a flow. Anything that entered from one side will leave at the other side eventually. The material inside is being used just  once in the flow. For example, lightning, huge power (electricity) was generated in a flash of second, but it just ended in light, sound and heat. We can reproduce electricity but not in form of a cycle.  Food we ate turn into stool and cannot goes back into our body.

We just accept these cycles naturally and normally without aware of their existence. Not until the day that there is blockage and /or break down we aware the problem and uncomfortable which our daily living was affected. The cycle is flatten into a flow or blocked, leaked. Then we started to search the method to cover and/or remedy through external assistance.  It may work ¡V recovered and it may fail ¡V end of our life. Our life is in danger and will be too late.

However, we forgot that there is cycle for ¡§self remedy¡§.  The simple one are skin, hair and teeth, the complicated one is muscle, the more complicated are soft  tissue and nerve. The remedy of the complicated can be recovered through training and practice.

Precaution and prevention is always the best solution. All-Stages Mediation helps and gives the way to us to rediscover and hold the key to ¡§self remedy¡§ cycle. Through training and practice, it awakes (turns on) our internal power of ¡¨self remedy¡§ and reconnected the ¡§self remedy¡§ cycle. Thus we can recover from the damaged or strengthen the cycle for continue enjoyment of our life. Therefore we called the member who are be trained and practiced ¡V ¡§meditator (kwok yau ı¤Í)¡§. For some people the awake process is on turbo, majority is within short time and some require warm up but through training and practice everyone is geared up finally - ¡§awareness¡§    (kwok chi ıª¾) .

                                                                                      Mars Wong (March 7, 2017)