¥[®³¤jı¤Í  Catherine Lui          (June, 2018)

Teacher has asked us to write up our thoughts on meditation.  As my days of practising meditation are still very limited,  I don¡¦t have too much I can share.  So far I haven¡¦t found noticeable improvements in my problematic area and I can¡¦t say I have any special or unusual experience.

But I¡¦ve heard that some other classmates¡¦ experiences are quite different ― some find their allergy has improved and the other find her pain lessened.  I admire them and I wish I had experiences like those.

At least some days I feel I am quite peaceful when I am meditating.  But being a person with anxiety, some days I feel a bit rushed and I can¡¦t wait till the meditation is over.  All in all meditating for me is a rather positive experience.  I¡¦m still anticipating the days when I feel the tangible benefits of meditating and hopefully that will be soon.

                                   Catherine Lui  (June, 2018)