Canadian meditator            Michael Chang  (2020~3 23)

To: Instructor Mr David Yeung

I have never learned of any type of meditation in my life. After taken the two phases of your All-Stages Meditation course, I have learned and benefited the following :

1) It helped and guided me to develop a right and positive attitude. This attitude would allow me to help other people to have good health, find peace and live in an environment of harmony.

2) It helped to improve my health condition. I noticed I have more healthy and darker hair, better facial skin complexion and reduced my numbness and pain in my legs caused by my "Spinal Stenosis condition" ( pinched nerves problem). I can now walk more comfortably with less numbness and less pain in my legs.

Thank you for your valuable philosophy and experience that you shared with me and my wife.

                                                            From:  Michael Chang