A LETTER FROM STUDENT (written by: Winnie Chan dated October 6, 2002)   

To:  Mr. Yeung, Professor Meditation 

I am lucky enough to be a student in your meditation class.  Your knowledge and experience that you share with us are very valuable.  It made me realize a lot.  Your wisdom and insightful experience helped me to improve my health, otherwise I might need to take the medicine for my depression.  After the second class, I gradually spend my practice from twenty minutes to forty minutes.  The difference is the more time that I spend on it, I feel much patient and energetic.  Obviously, my health is much much better now.  As towards the end of the course, it seems like I gain the strength to walk through life facing every new situation with courage and optimisum íKíK.. 

Your help and caring could never be taken for granted because the students you are close to are blessedíKíKíK 

The effort you have contributed in this field deserves more than thanks and you are appreciated so much!  It is my pleasure to recommend other people to join in this journey. 

Winnie Chan

Oct., 6, 2002