ALL-STAGES MEDITATION EXPERIENCE    (written by:  Fanny & Stephen, dated  February 15, 2009)


Before this all-stages meditation (靜坐), we had learned and practiced chi-ku (氣功) which we felt we benefited from greatly in terms of our physical health even at a elementary level.  We were able to achieve some level of quietness (入靜) and was able to keep most of my ailment, i.e. migrate headache stomach ache, arthritis, …….. at minimum.  We were convinced chi-ku (氣功) was effective in improving physical health.


Things changed when we started our flooring business 4 years ago.  The tremendous pressure and stress from the daily operation proved to be overwhelming.  We were no longer able to achieve the same quietness (入靜)., no matter how long or how hard we tried.  Many times, we would be mentally exhausted from trying to suppress our thoughts to achieve the quietness (入靜) and had to give.  Some of our ailment started to recur.  We knew we had to do something but did not know what.


When we heard from Stephen Yeung about the all-stages meditation, we knew we had to try it.  From the first class, we learned to meditate while “co-exist with thoughts” .  This was a new and refreshing concept to us, contrary to the thought suppressing chi-ku we had learned.  Suddenly we were able to achieve the quietness (入靜) again with a few thoughts pass through my mind during the meditation.  In the following weeks, we learned more technique to help keep our thought under control.  We also found ourselves having fewer thoughts and the unwanted thoughts when they came didn’t seem to bother us as much.  In every class David also touched on some life philosophy:  balance life, less emphases on materials, body and mind interrelation, self healing and the life forces within each of us.  We had done some readings in self understanding and acceptance to inner peace which co-inside with the meditation philosophy, we found it easy to follow and work the philosophy into the meditation.  Which was 90% mind game and 10% physical.


By the eighth week, we started noticing some back and forth movement on its own and it quickly progressed to a much stronger swinging movement of the upper body.  We were both surprised and awed by the experience.  After that, the movement continued and each meditation left us feeling refreshed, needless to say we felt our physical and mental health was on the right track.  We felt calmer and sleeping better.


The daily pressure and stress were still there, but they didn’t seem to bother us as much.  We were able to let go more, became more tolerant and kinder to others.


We feel very fortunate to have known and participated in this all-stages meditation. We also feel that there is a lot more we could learn from this.  We thank David for everything that he has taught us.  We would recommend to anyone.


Fanny & Stephen  February 15, 2009