** The following essay was written by Mr. Ernest Tjoe A Long ten weeks after he underwent All-Stages Meditation
     beginners' class. Regardless as to what Mr. Ernest Tjoe A Long tells about All-Stages Meditation, readers' attention
     are to be drawn to the last fifth paragraph of the essay touching his subtle changes after practicing All-stages
     Meditation in such a short period of time. I do hope that Mr. Ernest Tjoe A Long would carry on practicing
     All-Stages Meditation continueously so that he could tell more about his experience and enlightenment in meditation
     later on.
                                                                                                                                         ------ Yeung Hung ------


                                                          My Experience with All-Stages Meditation
                                                                                                                                      by Ernest Tjoe A Long

Hi, my name is Ernest Tjoe A Long, and I would just like to share with you my experiences with All-Stages
Meditation (A.M.).  Before I begin, I would like to stress that I am in no way attained any level of achievement
in A.M., and I do believe it is a very long journey that is high-lighted with various different points.

To truly comprehend what we have or what A.M. can do for us, we first need to understand what A.M. is.
Now this is from my own understanding of it, and I will try to be as accurate as possible.

I believe A.M., although this methodology or system of meditation is relatively new, is one of the oldest form
of personal development.  It contains eternal principles which can attune us to Nature and connect us with other
levels or 'dimensions' of our being.  It is a method that enables us to live in harmony with our environment and a
deep compassion for the Earth and other living beings - it can also bring us knowledge that is beneficial to all.

Modern living has provided us with the advantages to enjoy a quality of life that way surpasses our ancestors.
But it has also separated us from Nature which we have been taught is a force to be overcome, controlled, and
where possible manipulated, rather that a dynamic process of cyclic and organic activity both around us and within
us, giving us support and sustenance.  Indeed modern technology, although giving us all the comforts of life, has
isolated us from the very essence of our existence as individuals - our own spirit.

Essentially, A.M. offers a spiritual perspective of reality which enables our lives to become more meaningful,
purposeful, and fulfilling.  Its seeks to help us establish a connection with the innermost "Self" - one's own spirit
within - rather than influencing a person to look to some outside power or authority for guidance or direction, or
to external spirit guides.  Indeed, the greatest challenge facing each of us is the discovery os our own innermost "Self".

A.M. seeks to restore a missing dimension in human understanding - that of the spirit, and a knowledge
of our true identity which is that we are multi-dimensional beings with a capacity and a potential to
progress beyond the limitations imposed upon our physical and mental "little self".   It entails a cultivation
of the body and the mind in unity with that inner spirit - which is our greater "Self" - so all may function
together in harmonious, mutually supportive relationship.

A.M. is about experiencing, not about teachings or other legends passed down from one individual
to another.  Rather it is about personally experiencing the extraordinary whilst living an ordianry life.
It is a way to extend your awareness to new and exciting levels of perception and enhance your life
in many ways.  It's application will improve your vitality, balance your emotions, release your hidden
potentials, and stimulate your creativity.  It will develop your inner powers by bringing you into harmony
with the beneficent energies of Nature and the Cosmic forces of the Universe.

A.M. is not a religion or a philosophy.  There are no doctrines to be believed, no concepts to be argued,
no spiritual leaders requiring allegiance, no heirarchy demanding obedience, no guru to be followed.  It goes
beyond the boundaries of belief, for it is a process of attaining a knowingness through the experience of doing.
For the answers to some of life's most perplexing mysteries lie beyond the constraints imposed by historical,
social and political conditioning every culture has imposed upon itself.  A.M. identifies and essence that runs
through them all, and by releasing it from a cultural, religious and racial context brings this essence to the
threshold of the 21st century and makes it available for universal use and for the benefit of all.  Nor is there
any similarity with mind-training systems that are conditioned by method and require adherence to a strict
disciplinary code in order to be effective.  A.M. is not an exercise of mind over matter, but a natural process
that will enable you to take control of your own life through the Spirit and find meaing, purpose and fulfillment
in it.

A.M. is a way of connecting with Nature and what is inherent in your life, so it is not only the most natural
but also the most practical of all metaphysical systems.  Although Nature-based, it advocates not a worshipping
but an honouring of Nature.

The true challenge of our time is to discover our own innermost Self, to uncover who and what we truly are -
a Spirit - and as a result make real sense of our lives.  A.M. helps us to a new understanding of what it is to
be truly "spiritual" which is not the same as being religious.  Being spiritual is and ordinary activity concerned
with down-to-earth practicality and has nothing to do with belief.  It is effective even in the midst of intense
activity, or in mundance activities such as cooking a meal or drinking tea.  For being spiritual is coming into
harmony with our natural Self, which is composed of Spirit.

A.M. is a bringing of the mind into unity with the heart and the Spirit.  It is a way of life-enhancement in which
Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit are all cultivated so they may function together in a dynamic and harmonious
relationship to bring about a realization of our own multi-dimensional nature.  It is a process that is confirmable
through practical experience and verifiable by our own perceptions.

Hence it is my encouragement to you to follow the steps being thought, as it is the fastest and easiest method to
the discovery of the innerself.  Perhaps, I can explain it in layman terms.

Our being is the summation of all conscious experiences.  In other words, life is the sum of all our conscious
experiences.  However, throughout these conscious experiences, due to new technology and modern day sciences,
we have learnt to depress or ignore our true nature or our true self.  We are no longer in touch with who we are
and where we come from (in touch with our true Spirit).  Not until we peel away the multitude of layers that make
up our being, can we then experience our true self.  That true self by its very nature, has the infinite intelligence to
guide us through life, heal us of our illness, and directs us to live in harmony with all beings in Nature.  What
A.M. seeks to accomplish is the peeling away of these conscious layers through a natural process that is totally
controlled by our own innate being or Spirit.  It seeks to restore us back to our true nature through an internal
process, rather than external.  Our being has the infinite intelligence to accomplish that as long as our conscious
mind allows it to do so.  Hence, it is very important that we follow the methodology used by the letter in order
to achieve desirable results.  Please also note, that the Spirit, does not have the ability to harm the body.  So any
unusual experience is normal and will in no instance bring harm to you.  Now that we have a basic understanding
of what A.M. is you will understand why I strongly believe that this is truly the answer to that mysterious route
of finding our true self or spirit.

Whilst there are many systems, methods and philosophy that seek to attain the same results, i.e. Qui Quong,
Shamanism, Crystals, Buddhism, T.M., you name it.  I do believe that All-Stages Meditation is the shortest and
most effective route to reach our goals.  Mainly because of its simplicity, and mainly because it is an all natural process
that doesn't force the outcome rather it awaits the inevitable outcome, because it is in our nature to reach that state of

As I was familiar with many of the other different methods and systems, I took an precautionary attitude the first day
I attended the A.M. class. As I am aware of the different dimensions that exists at the same time with ours, I am very
careful not to trespass into other dimensions, of which we know nothing of.  However, my concerns were soon
addressed the moment I first participated in the A.M. session, and began to understand the methodology used.  And
I am very happy to report to you that this is the safest method to attain enlightenment.

As I practiced A.M. over the last 10 weeks, I began noticing subtle changes in me.   These changes include:
- An overall sense of calmness and confidence
- The elimination of severe back pain within the first 2 weeks of A.M.
- A greater perception and understanding of issues
- Better sleep
- Reduction of a tumor I had on the top of my lips
- An increase in compassion for all
- Improvement in character that seeks a more peaceful solution rather than increasing the conflict with people
- A better understanding of nature and how to stay in harmony with it

These are just a few of the experiences I have after doing A.M.  I am sure that in the future, I will experience many
more.  However, that is not as important as the rediscovery of my true self.   May I also note that some experiences
are so subtle you don't notice them, until on reflection.  Then you realize the precious gift that A.M. has to offer.

There are many symptoms present when one participates in A.M.  The most significant is body movement during
meditative stage.  Some people experience it on the first day, others in a few weeks, each and everyone is different.
This is totally natural and is nothing to be concerned of.  Other symptoms that I have experienced is internal scenery,
high fever that only lasted 30 hrs. then superior recovery.  My days with A.M. are too short to warrant telling you
more, however I believe within a short period of time, I can share with you more in regards to my progress in this
incredible journey.

To those that are looking into learning and practicing A.M., or are just sitting on the edge wondering should I or
shouldn't I.  I encourage you to take the plunge.  The experience you will reap brings far greater joy than anything
you will experience in this lifetime.  And to those who are already practicing, I encourage you to keep up the
practice... and let's build a better tomorrow.

Thanks for your time, may peace be with you always.