Account of My "Opening of the Top" Experience - "Re-evolution"


David Yueng, January 2015, written in Toronto:


Evolution, refers to the process where living organisms, under the influence of the external environment, constantly self-transform and develop to adapt to the ever changing outside dynamic conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of survival.


In 1858, naturalist Charles Darwin published "On the Origin of Species", in which he presented lot of evidences that all life on Earth had a single origin. He suggested that from that beginning endless forms have been evolved. In succession generations those offsprings that have traits which can be better adapted to the environment would survive by natural selection. The theory of evolution conflicts with the religious doctrines of Creationism. Are living beings progressing based on the science of evolution or simply created by God? This is not the subject of discussion in this paper. In my opinion if we can believe there is an All Mighty Being that can create every living thing, we can also believe an All Mighty Being can create living things through natural evolution. There is no need for arguments. It is just a question of believing and not believing.



In this paper when I discussed about the health issues of human being, they were based on facts accounted from inner experience and transformation of the body and mind through meditation. Through the inner experience of meditation the basic instinct originated from the level of life itself inherited by mankind can be recognized. When this basic instinct of life exerts its effect, life can be self-transformed and re-evolved, manifesting with better health in body and mind and with better adjustment to the external environment. Because the existence of life has been established, it leads to the realization of the meaning of life.



Before proceeding further on my paper, I would like to introduce


1)the report of an article downloaded from Discovery Channel on the Internet on March 27, 2005 titled " Plants use 'backup genes' to defy the rules of genetics " ; and

2)the summary of an article reprinted on the Canadian Ming Pao Newspaper titled "Plant Fix Genes with Copies from Ancestors".




Plants use "backup genes" to defy rules of genetics


Ever since the days of Mendel and his pea plants, geneticists have counted on some simple, reliable rules to track how different traits get passed down through the generations. But now a simple weed seems to be re-writing it's genes - and the rule book.


The assuming cress plant Arabidopsis thaliana is used in many genetic studies because it's thought to be a kind of "prototype plant" - anything you figure out about its simple genetics can generally be applies to all members of the plant kingdom.

Classical genetics predicts that a plant can only have genes that come from either its mother or father plant, and that any deviations from those parental genes would have to occur by mutation. But now a new study has found that Arabidopsis plants can actually repair a damaged parental gene and replace it with a gene from their grandparent plants that neither of their parents had - something that's technically supposed to be impossible. The report isn't visible in the mutant plants themselves, but about 10 percent of their offspring will have the normal gene.


The scientists think that the generation-skipping information might actually resides in RNA templates that are used to repair a damaged DNA sequence.


(Downloaded from Discovery Channel on March 27, 2005)






Plant Fix Genes with Copies from Ancestors


By Rick Weiss, Washington Post | March 23, 2005


Plants inherit secret stashes of genetic information from their long-dead ancestors and can use them to correct errors in their own genes -- a startling capacity for DNA editing and self-repair wholly unanticipated by modern genetics, researchers said yesterday.


The newly discovered phenomenon, which resembles the caching of early versions of a computer document for viewing later on, allows plants to archive copies of genes from generations ago, long assumed to be lost forever.


Then, in a move akin to choosing their parents, plants can apparently retrieve selected bits of code from that archive and use them to overwrite the genes they've inherited directly. The process could offer survival advantages to plants suddenly burdened with new mutations or facing environmental threats for which the older genes were better adapted.


Scientists predicted that by harnessing the still mysterious mechanism they would be able to control plant diseases and create novel varieties of crops. If the mechanism can be invoked in animals, as some tantalized scientists now venture may be possible, it could also offer a revolutionary way to correct the genetic flaws that lead to cancer and other diseases.


The team has not found the templates, but evidence suggests they are pieces of RNA, a molecular cousin of DNA that can be inherited separately from the chromosomes that carry the primary genetic code in cells.


''We think this demonstrates that there's this parallel path of inheritance that we've overlooked for 100 years, and that's pretty cool," said Robert Pruitt, a professor of botany and plant pathology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., who oversaw the studies with co-worker Susan Lolle.


The finding represents a ''spectacular discovery," wrote German molecular biologists Detlef Weigel and Gerd Jurgens in a commentary accompanying the research in the March 24 issue of the journal Nature, released yesterday.


The existence of an unorthodox inheritance system does not overturn the basic rules of genetics worked out by Austrian monk Gregor Mendel at the turn of the last century, they noted. But like a newly discovered room in a mansion of treasures, it opens up a mind-boggling world of possibilities and proves that genetics is still a young science.


''It adds a level of biological complexity and flexibility we hadn't appreciated," said Lolle.90BDCDCB-0F9C-42AF-AC8E-EC2565512996-L0-001.jpg

The left picture shows Arabidopsis plant with reproductive organs fused together into tight green balls because of gene mutation. As can be seen on the right picture, the next generation of the same plant reverted to nonmutant genes and grows with normal looking flowers and leaves.







The two related articles, one can argue, have given modern biology and medical profession brand new knowledge, opening up a new page. On the other hand, it also indicated that the understanding of psychological, physiological as well as awareness at all level of life of a human being in the field of biology and medical science is still only scratching the surface. This theory was obtained from the study of plant. So when will it be verified on human and/or other animals? The answer probably is unknown. In any case, such discovery should be considered as an unprecedented breakthrough in current scientific knowledge.




Do humans have similar "self-healing" or "self-repairing" mechanism as described above in plants? If there is, can it play a role in the treatment of some so-called incurable and refractory diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.? This is exactly what the biologists and medical scientists is seeking to answer. However, human is far more complex than plants. The two biologists described above continuously cultivating generation of Arabidopsis plants to observe and study under the specific environment of a laboratory and came out with the described conclusions. But how does biologists extract the plant genetic code in the laboratory and then directly and accurately alter the ecological variation of the plant, is still unknown. I presume based on the above findings, scientists may have already expanded to a similar study on animal so that there might be an amazing discovery. However, one can imagine the price for the resources involved and the ethical issues faced will be tremendous. Furthermore, these research methods may not be able to apply to humans. Mankind is the highest order of living things. Our physical and spiritual conditions, our living methods are different from other plant and animal kingdom. Human life is extremely fluid and dynamic. It exists with interpersonal, family and social relationships. It includes the concepts of morality , ethics , legality and politics. It possesses the subjective and objective factors of ideals, responsibilities and values. Indeed, the spiritual life does not exist in other animals. Human being cannot be studied like the Guinea pigs in the laboratory. Therefore the study of mankind is far more complicated and difficult than any other life form. Moreover, based on the relative long life span of human being, it is impossible to pursue the study of inter-generations.


However, through the inner experience and the principles of meditation we understand that living creatures have survival and reproduction capability (since human being possesses with the adaptability power for natural and social environments, it has, in addition, the capability to change and create new living conditions). Lacking such capability, species on earth is bound to disappear. Human beings have been living on earth probably over several hundred thousand years. However, human has only developed civilization and the records of texts, cultures no more than five thousand years. The development of western science and medicine but a mere hundred years. So how did human overcome sickness and diseases facing changes of survival environment, facing the lack of medical care and medicines over the long years? If one reckons with the current genetic pathology, human being should be disappeared from earth early on. Therefore it is not difficult to assume that human being itself possesses similar self-healing mechanism to repair declined health problems, such that individual would not extinct in a harsh and changing environment. Does this mechanism really exist? If the answer is an emphatically yes, then could we utilize it? This is exactly what I want to discuss in this paper.


Modern medical science indicates that our body defense on diseases depends on our "inborn immune system". Therefore all intractable and incurable diseases are due to the manifestation of defects from our immune system. The current medical science actually has no method to correct or improve such defects from the immune system. Furthermore, what is behind the last defense line of our immune system? Is there anything controlling our immune system? So far the answer from the current medical science is blank. The reason is we lack the knowledge and understanding of life itself.


What is "life"? In today's knowledge, "life" seems to be an abstract term only. To study and find the data of "life" in a laboratory is but a distant thing. On the other hand, from the point of view of meditation, "life" is the foundation of the health of body and mind. It's power is huge, vigorous and unrivaled. Through meditation, the total and fundamental effects of the basic instinct of life will take place, protecting the complete health of the physical and mental states. When the health of the mind and body have been completely and thoroughly improved, we will naturally experience the existence of "life". I was aware of the capabilities of life during the inner experience of meditation. More than twenty years ago I have published two articles: "Meditation Transformed Me" and "Reborn - A Record of the First Day of My Meditation Self-healing Event". They described the occurrences of the "life basic instinct ". Those two articles had been published in the websites of Hong Kong meditation associates information and Mr. Hsi's all-stage meditation.




Here I resubmit as follow:



First Article

Meditation Transformed Me

(Written in 1991 in Hong Kong)


Since following Master Hsi in learning meditation, my health had turned around completely. All my chronic diseases have been eliminated. Above all, during the process of self-awareness of the consciousness, I have experienced the existence of the true me. I have further understanding of life itself. I saw things from a different angle. I dealt things more rationally. I reduced previous stubbornness. All these changes are quite surprising. I am convinced that it would be more direct and real when people rely on the manifestation of their inner self than on outside help. "Self-awareness of the consciousness" is the key to open a person's life. Everyone should and must learn. In the past, the explanation of meditation is diverse and confusing. Meditation was given a lot of different names and hard to understand. Therefore it shrouded with mystery. Moreover, the tutors themselves may only know the how but not the why. Because of these reasons, meditation has not been universally accepted. It is really a pity. But the publication of Master Hsi has described in simple and accurate terms on the inter-relationship of meditation, consciousness and life. They are the truths and absolutely scientific. It will be truly a great contribution to mankind and the whole world, if they can be promoted and popularized. My wish is to, under the stewardship of Master Hsi, have the All-State Mediation associates taking care of each other and promote this meditation method. This will be the blessing of mankind.








Second Article

Reborn - A Record of the First Day of My Meditation Self-healing Event

(Written in 1991 in Hong Kong)


I got to know the term "Self-awareness of the Consciousness" at the time when my health was in the worst situations. My mental state was also on the verge of collapse. The result of this "Self-awareness of the Consciousness" movement allowed me to return to a new life. To quote a phrase: I was "reborn". I have been practicing meditation over 4 years now. My feeling about the practice has been written on my first article. However, after Mr. Luo Shaoxuan repeatedly suggested I put down the details of my "self-healing" episode in words, I finally spent sometime doing just that. One of the reasons I wrote this article is to allow the readers a deeper understanding how this movement has the rectification effect to the body and mind:


I remember at the beginning of 1983, I had encountered a lot of health problems. Due to the heavy pressure of work, I had a nervous breakdown to the degree that my heart beat was abnormal. I was hospitalized to convalesce. I then heard qigong could treat illness. So I decided to learn such practice. After learning qigong for about 3 weeks, I could feel heat being generated at the forehead. Then afterward I could feel heat being generated through the dantian (point two inches below the navel where one's qi resides). To these achievements, I patted myself on my back. After that, around 1985 I remembered I had a lot of night outs drinking and feasting with clients. My daily live was not really normal so that I "practiced" qigong irregularly. Probably because I did not "practiced" properly, I felt my brain was swollen and tremendously painful. This went on for several months. Things took a turn for the worst. Sometimes I tried to sleep off the pain. I also took pain killers for a long time. I consulted the qigong master and the reply was that the "inner qi" stagnated in the head and could not push pass it. Suggestion was to continue "practicing". So I kept trying. But the situation remained unchanged. The pain was unbearable. I therefore stopped the "practice". After stopping, my ailments increased. Symptoms include: headache, constant stuffed nose, neck pain, waist pain, aching of the joints of the whole body, constant fever, extreme nervous and flustered, absent minded, difficult to sleep at night, lot of dark dreams. I would encountered terrible spirits in my dreams. They seemed to come and take my life away. I woke up in a sweat most of the time. I was averaging two to three hours of sleep a night. The day job was highly stressful at the same time. My emotions had hit rock bottom. As 1986 came along, the situation worsened. Other than the above mentioned symptoms, all my organs seemed to have problems. My face would be bloated with rashes and red hot. During sleeping at night I was horrified that ants seemed to crawl all over my face. I then searched for helps from reputable western, Chinese Traditional doctors and also specialists for heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys and bones. They diagnosed me in turn without finding any root causes of my illness. I was taking Chinese medicine, western medicine and injected medicine applied continuously. My conditions did not have the slightest improvement. Instead, I was distraught. With indiscriminate usages of medicines, I had indescribable suffering. Then on June 1987, I had sore throat with fever and cold. After that my lymph gland and parotid gland were swollen. The western doctor said it was the parotitis. I did not see any improvements after taken medicine for 3 to 4 months. Instead my teeth were tighten and painful. My temples were aching. I was far difficult in getting to sleep at night. My mental anguish hit the bottom. Afterward I turned to Chinese Medicine. The agony lessened slightly after drinking Chinese herbs dozens times. However the condition continued, sometimes better and sometimes worse. Then taking the opportunity of holidays, I was naive enough to attempt to look for reputable doctors and "Miracle" doctors in Southeast Asia. At that time, I was like a miserable stray dog not knowing what to do. I was extremely distressed germinating with suicidal thoughts.


Later in a coincidental circumstance, I met brother Luoshao Xuan again. I told him all my problems. He immediately introduced me to the meditation method of Master Hsi. He also gave me the lecture notes and books written by Master Hsi. I remembered he explained to me the main points: pay less attention on your seating style, but seek a form that is ease and calm, let the breathing flows freely, all without deliberate action, and project the consciousness of the brain to the sky etc. I then decided, with reservation, to follow the instructions and try the meditation. I remembered it was in the early October, 1987. I was not sleeping well. I decided to meditate every day at around 4 or 5 am in the morning. One or two days later, I did not know what force had driven me. My body started to swing, occasionally moving forward, or backward, or left, or right, or in circle. After another one or two days, I felt there was warm air flow pushing through between the top and bottom teeth. The upper and lower teeth started slamming at each other. They were vibrating, similar to catching a cold. This phenomenon continued for two days. On October 4th, I meditated at 4 am in the morning. The slamming and vibrating of the teeth intensified. The slamming noise became high pitched. The frequency went from slow to fast. At first it were just the upper and lower front teeth. Then the whole upper and lower teeth were hitting each other. Then the lower jaw (mandible) retracted. The teeth seemed to be loosened and pulled. The lower jaw overly retracted. The molar teeth began to slammed on each other. The strength went from weak to strong. The frequency went from high (like having a cold) to low. Later the mouth and the jaws all opened up rendering exceeding painful. This continued over dozen seconds. Then the mouth was shut. These cycle repeated over dozen times. The lower jaw sometime moved forward, sometime pulled back, then swinging left and right and finally slamming. I did not know where the energy came from. After the slamming actions stopped, the jaws closed tightly. Teeth was grinding with sound. Then the lower jaw started to act again. First the mouth was closed. Then the lower jaw bone extended forward, slowly opening the mouth. Once the mouth was fully opened, the lower jaw retracted. Then mouth closed again. After several cycles, the actions were reverse, meaning the lower jaw retracted. Then the mouth opened. Then the lower jaw extended forward. Then mouth closed. After dozens of time, the action changed again. During the above mentioned actions, the neck and the shoulder also acted up. The muscles and tendons of the neck was twisted, sometimes tightened and sometimes relaxed. Neck bones was being pushed or pulled with loud sounds. This motion lasted for a while and finally came to a stop. Then the area around the eyes started to have movement. The eye lids were continuously flickering. Sometimes the eyelids flickered while closed. Sometimes they flickered while opened. Sometimes only one side flickered and then alternated to the other eyelid. The numbers of time it flickered on each side are the same. After the eyelids, the eye balls started to have movements. They moved left, moved right, moved up or down, rotated, or pulsated. Even more strangely, the left and right eye balls could turn or pulsate in different directions. For example, the left eye moved up while the right eye move down at the same time. The left eye moved to the left while the right eye moved the the right. The left eye rotate clockwise while the right eye rotated anti-clockwise. The number of rotation is the same on different directions. The movement moved from slow to fast. Then the eye balls, lower jaw, neck and shoulder all move simultaneously. The bizarre actions were beyond common sense. The lower jaw bone and the temporomandibular joint were most painful. The jaw bone had the sensation of being ripped apart. Then the eyebrows, ears, mouth and nose all self-twitching. All the facial muscles were somehow being twisted. My eyes, mouth and nose were being pulled together, especially the eye lips. My lips and nose were making grotesque movements. Occasionally the facial features were tightly piled together. Then few seconds later they would let loose by themselves. At that time, my mind was very clear. I was afraid and amazed at the same time. I was afraid because I was concerned that after every action of tight twist, it would not return to its original shape causing my facial features being malformed. I was amazed because I felt that such situations were incredible and unheard of and yet they happened to me. Such actions might achieve something. After the above actions, my body started to vibrate and I could feel the flow of qi continuously pushing inside my body. The body sometime jumped forward and then sometime leap back. The two hands had a lot of actions - hold fists, hand in lotus position, snapping hand. The wrist joints were making cracking sound. I felt the flow of qi pushing through the arms as if flexing the muscle during martial art practice. Right after that my two fists were pushed against my lower abdomen. During close eyes visualization, the lower abdomen was perceived as a huge water bucket, overflow with qi and vibrating with warmth. At times, I would clap my hands together and bent my kneels and pray to the sky. A lot of actions from both of my hands, wrists, and arms. There were a lot of energy as if I was practicing fist fight. It was like this I didn't know for how long but then it was all calm down again. My both hands was laid flat on the ground behind my back. Then my whole body was thrown back falling to the ground. At that time I was scare, worrying that my back scalp would hit the ground first and undoubtedly got hurt. But strangely, I felt my back bent slightly. Before the back of my scalp hit the ground, my neck automatically crooked allowing the fall being absorbed. Then my both legs flew to the air. My waist was supported by my hands while I was performing a handstand. Then both of my legs crossed over, stopping in the air. After a moment, they were then laid on he ground gently. Once the whole body was laying straight, the neck and hands performed large movements. The wrists, the elbows and the arms were making circles alternatively. The joints were making noises. The "Chinese martial art movements" and gestures were numerous and hard to described. But the most unforgettable event was when the body laid down on the left side, the elbow would pushed against the abdomen. The stomach has the feeling of dull pain. After that I threw up with stomach acid and thick phlegm. Then the body moved to the right side while laying down. I threw up one more time. After that I laid down on my back, both hands crossing and pressing on the stomach. The body then turned around laid facing the ground, throwing up one more time. I grabbed a towel next to me to clean up. I looked closely and saw blood strands within the thick phlegm. I then leaned to one side using my right hand's thumb to push against my right nostril blowing hard after breathing in deeply first. I blew out all the mucus and discharge from my nasal cavity. I then did the same thing using my left thumb to my left nostril. I examined the discharged matters. They were thick and gooey like yellowish "condensed milk", with streaks of blood. When I pressed the nose forcefully I could feel the pain. I tried to move my hand trying to relief the pressure but the arm seemed to be like robot arm. I could not moved it an inch, as if the arm was not mine. Then I was coughing vigorously. I coughed out phlegm and discharged matters from my throat and lungs. Then I was on the ground moving and shaking in agitation. My head, neck, four limbs, waist etc were all moving. I could feel a strong "qi" energy pushing through my body. There were so many movements that I could not recalled them all. The strangest thing happened was in between the movements, I was unknowingly reading the "Heart Sultra" and vaguely seeing the faces of "Buddha" and "Sanskrit" in my mind. Every movement came with each breathing pattern. Sometimes it would be like a whale gulping in water inhaling and exhaling large amount of air. Sometimes the breathing was very shallow as if no air was exhaled. Sometimes it was like me being stop breathing for over ten seconds but there were warm flows running around the body. In any case, the breathing patterns were involuntary and I did not know what forces were controlling them.


When all the movements stopped, I subconsciously know that the process had been completed and I could get up. I checked the clock. It was already ten thirty in the morning. It had been a full six hours! I immediately changed my clothes for work. Yet my body was light as a feather. My footsteps were brisk. I actually had full energy for my works and did not fell tired at all. That day after work, I went to have a stroll in the park after dinner. I could feel the teeth were doing their own movements again. So I went back home right away lying down on the bed. Next came new movements. I felt warmth qi energy flowing and pushing through the whole body. My dantian (point two inches below the navel where one's qi resides) heated up. I could feel there was qi pushing through my tailbone, passing the spine, up to the neck, pass through my forehead. The tongue was strongly sucked up to the roof of the mouth. I felt traces of qi drifting under the eyelids. They were extremely itchy. There were also qi pushing through my two cheeks creating stabbing pain. When the qi being pushed through the jawbone and the skull, there was a feeling of being tearing apart with unbearable pain. After every painful experience, I was not prepared for the next one. You can imagine how unbearable the situation was. But the cycles happened more than a dozen times. My clothes were all wet through. However, because the time was early in the day and also because I was affected by family's members, I was distracted. So I stop the meditation and got up earlier as planned. This time I stopped the meditation due to the influence of my own thoughts. I checked the time and almost three hours had passed. I checked my mouth with the mirror right away. I could see on the roof of the mouth where the suction had taken place there was a bright red bloodstain about the size of a ten cents coin. I could still feel some pain all around the skull. When I touched my jawbone, I felt as if it being cracked. Neck and stomach muscles were also aching. But that night I slept deeply.


The above description was my first day record of my "self-healing" process. After that day, I experienced different phenomena during meditation. They were too numerous to mention. These are all described as "inner sceneries" by Master Hsi. I will describe some of them here:


1). A lot of times during the meditation, I was involuntarily laid sideway on the ground. One hand supported my head, tightly pressing on my ear. After two to three hours later, I did not know where I was. This is so called "in a trance".


2). One time during meditation, I was as if inside a dream. I went to a completely dark location except there was a hole about the size of a coin. I took a peek. There was a landscape with mountain and lake. They were all green like emerald. Such green was different from daily experience and I was drunk with such beauty. At that time I was attempted to look at the far places, the near places and the surrounding. It did not matter what angle I was looking at, the beauty of the scenery made one feeling serenity. (Note: according to Master Hsi's analysis, such phenomenon is the result of the activities of Cone cells which are photoreceptor cells in the retina of the eye and I was not entering the "paradise").


3). Several times I did not know where I was. Suddenly I heard unbelievable beautiful music which I hardly heard everyday. It lasted about little bit more than ten seconds. Immediately after I abruptly noticed it and it was gone. (Note: this phenomenon is also the result of the activities of brain cells and has nothing to do with "music from heaven").


4). There were over two to three months that my lips was chanting with prayers. Sometimes it was as if I was singing out songs. I could feel my vocal cord and my lungs vibrating with different frequencies. There was soul-stirring feelings. Sometimes during the chanting it was coordinated with the movements of my hands and kneels as if I was given a sermon or lecture. Sometime I would chant the names of Buddha, and Buddha's terminology like "Mandala", "suffering from birth and death" etc.


5). Sometimes the qi was circulating throughout my body. The whole body was in motion as if I was performing martial art. Occasionally I was bounced off the cushion with the strong vibration of the body. Sometimes my neck would shake so vigorously that the place where the head and the neck connected was twisted with rap sound.


The above descriptions are only a portion of the thousands of phenomena happened. It is difficult to describe them all. But I must stressed that when we meditate we should not emphasize any of such phenomena. It is because the inner factors of each person varies and the phenomena will be different for different people. By now, those phenomena and movements have been significantly reduced. This is the result of the adjustment of the body and mind due to the "Awareness of the Consciousness". The result is inevitable and comprehensive. It is time to describe the improvement of my health:


1). All the above mentioned problems before the meditation has disappeared.


2). I seldom catch a cold or flu. If occasionally catching a cold, it would automatically healed after one or two meditation sessions without seeing a doctor.


3). During a long walk or climbing a hill, my pace is brisk and light without heavy breathing.


4). Those wastes from the body that cannot discharge via sweat or urine will be dissipated from other means. For example, in several occasions during my night time meditation sessions there were pus and blood discharged from both ears. However when I examined the area where the pus and blood discharged in the morning there were no scars.


5). I used to have calcification problem on my palm's tendon below the middle finger, commonly known as "raw corn". It was about the size of a green pea and gradually increasing. When I was holding something on my hand, the pain was like being burnt by fire. When diagnosed with western medical doctor, I was told that it could not be healed by medicine or needle. It needed operation to cut it off. But after the meditation sessions, that lump just disappeared naturally.


6). Unknowingly my physical had been toughened. On several occasions when I need to perform hard works, the intensity of my strength risen unusually and unexpectedly. Later I found the places where I exerted the strength the muscle was bulging. I could feel the areas were overfilled with "qi". When I slapped the places, I was amazed at the rebound strength.


7). My skull slowly changed shape, with prominent forehead. The temples were swollen. The whole head seems bigger. (Note: this is the result of "opening of the top" or opening the Crown Chakra, a pituitary which is located above the crown of the head or just behind the top of the skull.)


8). Other than the physical changes as described above, the improvements of my physiological and ideological well being are amazing and wonderful. I have described these in the first paper. So I would not mention again.


All in all this movement of the awareness of the consciousness have changed my life. I have already spread the news of this movement to my relatives and friends. Right now, my wife and sons have taken the habit of meditation. I am hoping everyone can take part in this self-strengthen, self-help movement.





The above two articles outlines the physical and mental changes after my meditation. They also proved that "self-healing" mechanism exists in human beings. The activation of this mechanism does not depend on any "external force" but depends on a person's self internal transformation. When the causes of the interference of the life's original capabilities by the conscious mind has been eliminated (as told by Master Hsi about "interference reduces to zero"), then it will manifest and put into good use. In order to understand more specific on this innate "self-healing" mechanism, I have supplemented my "opening of the top" situation with the following explanations:


In the article about "reborn", I have described "bright red bloodstain" which was actually the result of the qi pushing open the governor and conception vessels (According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, the Conception vessel, or meridian, plays a major role in Qi circulation, monitoring and directing all of the Yin channels. It forms a circular entity with the Governing Vessel). This was one of the phenomena I noticed during my "opening of the top". "Opening of the top" is one of the most specific and most visible phenomena in a series of physiological changes when meditation has reduced the interference due to our mind consciousness against life natural abilities. "Opening of the top" is a phenomenon where the middle top position of the skull (where the first aperture meridian located) has been physically opened because of meditation. In my case, after the "opening of the top", my body has the following changes:


  1. My head is slightly bigger than before. This is because the bone plates of the whole skull (including the jaw bones) where they meet and joint, after the process of "opening the top", was pushed apart by the qi flow in my body such that cracks appeared.
  1. There is a little dip at the location of the Bai Hui point (The "Bai Hui" is an acupuncture point which is also the place where the energy of all the Yang Meridians merges. One of the most common points at the very top of our head) and the posterior fontanelle. When I touched with my hand, it felt soft and air was flowing in and out.
  1. After continuous effort on meditation, the meridian points on the two rows of the left and right side of the skull continued to open up. When touched with the hand, I could feel slight dips.
  1. The forehead bones were deformed and protruded forward.
  1. The left and right temples felt plumped.
  1. In the middle of the forehead from the hairline to the top of the nose bridge, there was a proliferation of a blood vessel. When I touched it with my hand, I felt pulse beating. This vessel slowly grow larger. It is now more prominent than during the "opening of the top" period.
  1. The blood vessels at the left and right temples are thicker. After I exercised or drinking alcoholic drinks, it showed significant swelling.


The physiological changes after the "opening of the top" as described above demonstrated that human being has the mechanism of "self-healing" and self-repair. This is an area in which medical knowledge has not yet been reached. This precisely gave proof to the explanations on Master Hsi's books regarding to the principles of "life self-directed re-evolution". The activation of the mechanism will lead to "re-evolution", improve our innate immune system, repair the injury of the heart and body, fight off diseases, re-establish health; but most importantly I have changed spiritually. Intelligence improved due to the manifestation of the awareness aspect of life. Value and outlook have also been changed to become more caring, more inclusive and more rational.


Master Hsi's promotion of "life self-directed re-evolution" movement is the blessing for humanity. It is also the way that human beings need to follow. In today's rapid deteriorating living and living environment, we face diseases, stresses, conflicts, chaos, disputes etc. To learn how to be self-reliance, self-help, get rid of the suffering from our bodies and minds so that the next generation can be healthy, happy and build a society with true health, happiness and harmonious society, "Self-awareness of Consciousness" is indeed the only way.


The pictures below show top portion of the head of the writer before and after the "Opening of the Top":


(Picture taken in 1980)


(Picture taken in 2012)






Translated from Chinese to English by Eugene Wing-King in Toronto