(Written by:  David YeungĦASeptember 2011,  in Toronto)

Discussion of various topics:

Time goes fast. Since the establishment of the meditation Association promoting the "All-Stage Meditation" in Hong Kong in 1992,  then the immigration of my family to Canada in 1995 continuing the promotion of the causes encouraged and motivated by Master Hsi Chang-An here in Canada to now, it is amazing that nineteen years has gone by!  In Hong Kong and Canada, being completely different as sovereign state entities and background, there are of course differences in the living environment and the way of life.  However, the thirst for resolving health issues and meditation are the same.  From a certain point of view, many people think that Canada's medical system is perfect.  The medical health system takes care of seeing a doctor, hospital care and even medical operations.  Therefore, the general health of the citizens have been ensured.  But if one looks from a different angle, being taking care of under such fine medical care system, the citizens may not be living healthier.  There is no doubt that here in Canada the doctors, the medical standards, the medical equipment are world-class.  But on the other hand, the number of people that need the medical care are huge.  The government allocates as much as $100 billion dollars a year in medical services.  Many of the people I have come into contact with are those who have undergone surgery and also those that have suffered from chronic diseases necessitating them to see the doctor regularly and take medicine for a long time.  However, the health of the body has not been improved.  It is quite common to see people in a restaurant taking out different types of medical capsules or pills to swallow before or after a meal.  I have met a lot of meditators who came to learn meditation because they realized the unsuitability of relying on drugs in long term.  After they started meditation, their health has made significant progress thereby reducing or even getting rid of the dependence on drugs.


I have been back to Hong Kong this past July because of important business.  Recalling my last trip back in Hong Kong more than seven years ago, the society in general has changed tremendously.  There are more people.  There are new development areas with all kinds of buildings and facilities.  There are significant differences in life style, material life, environment and others.  The city seemed to be more prosperous and progress.  But, on the other hand, the feeling of social tension was tremendous.  Opening the newspapers and one could read all kinds of negative news:  suicides, homicides, revengeful killings, robbery killings, family mass suicides.  A primary school student ends his precious young life because of the light admonishment of the parents.  Almost everyday one could read news about cases of incest, indecency, love affairs etc.  My heart was with heavy grief.  However, it was strange that the public seemed unmoved by all these negative news.  Similar cases in the past that would cause social sensation were now being regarded as commonplace.  I was not sure if this was because people were accustomed to seeing such cases.  They felt numb.  This reflected an unhealthy society.  This is why I said although the two places are different, there is no difference in human being facing the health problems of the body and mind.  This time in Hong Kong, I met with some of my friends who I have not seen for awhile.  During normal chats, some friends asked me if I was continuing to promote the "meditation".  They were also curious about what drove me to persist in doing so.  When I got back home, I started to think about this issue in earnest.  It jolted my memories about the past situation where my body and mind had a complete transformation during the lowest point of my life because of meditation.  I remembered during one of the Master Hsi's lessons, I expressed I would share my "inner experience" of the meditation with others.  I also promised to spread the good news of the self-reliant and self-help nature of the "all-stages meditation".  In those days during the manifestation of "Tao Sin" (Note: Tao Sin is the consciousness outside the nerve system of the human being) while I was meditating, I encountered the intuitive ability and strength of life.  Because of such experiences, I vowed to promote meditation bringing such magnificent gifts to the masses.  These are the reasons for my persistence.  Seeing the meditators receiving genuine improvements of their physical and mental health, is the most rewarding returns for me.


In a number of works, Master Hsi had pointed out that nature would select the species based on the natural principle of eliminating the weak and maintaining the strong.  For human being, when the population continues to swell to a certain extent, the eliminating situation will intensify.  The population will be destroyed and reduced in many means and methods.  Let looks at the current world situations.  Mankind seems to be facing such elimination conditions.  We are experiencing major events of human life destruction due to differences of races, skin colours, cultures, and faiths.  For example, there were the ethnic conflicts and genocides happened in recent years in African countries like Uganda and Rwanda and terrorist attack incidences at various countries like United Kingdom, USA, Russia, India, Pakistan, Tibet etc by various terrorist organizations.  There were also long term killings of each other due to different religious beliefs and so on.  On other aspects, in large community groups there were various types of infectious diseases appeared, such as Ebola, SARS, Bird Flu etc.  There were increasingly a variety of hard-to-treat chronic diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, liver diseases, kidney diseases, cancers, etc.  There were natural and man-made disasters which caused major deaths (such as tsunami and nuclear leakages in Japan).  There were growing human mental problems such as nerve disorders, mental disorders, depression (such as the recent mass killings incident in Norway).  There were environmental pollution problems.  There were even pollution of the minds among people such as mass suicide or murder incidents due to religious cults etc.  These are too numerous to mention.  The above problems are originated from complications of the human consciousness.  When there are major flaws in the consciousness of a social group, conflicts and dispute result.  When individual consciousness has flaws, it will generate interferences which creates diseases.  Master Hsi pointed out in one of his book:  "everything is due to consciousness...............".  That is the truth.  The exercise/process of "self-awareness of the consciousness" allows us to cleanse the negative and harmful consciousness out of our mind.  When the conditions of the consciousness improved, we naturally will see our body and mind move toward better health.  If the society or even the whole human race possess sound physical and mental health, the ideals of the Great Harmony (or oneness) can be materialized.  Let us follow the direction of the guide of Master Hsi and spread the "self-awareness of the consciousness" movement to every corner of the world.  Let have this knowledge benefits the whole human race.


(Translated from Chinese to English by Eugene Wing-King in Toronto)