(Written by  David Yeung  and translated to English by Eugene Wing-King in Toronto)

A record on my self-treatment of [unbalanced ear fluid]:

At about 4:30 a.m. on October 21, 2020, I woke up to go to the toilet. When I first opened my eyes, I felt a little dizzy, and have blurred vision. Then I stood up and I have a sudden sensation that the world around me was spinning. I found myself not being able to walk straight toward the toilet. I could not seem to be able to balance myself. I felt nauseous in the stomach. At this moment, I was puzzled but I also realized that they were symptoms commonly associated with what is known in traditional Chinese medical term as [unbalanced ear fluid ]. This was the first time I experienced such symptoms in my life.

After going to the toilet, I searched the Internet for information about [unbalanced ear fluid]. There was huge amount of information on the Internet. Based on my symptoms, it indicated most likely to be Meniere's disease. There were webpages describing the symptoms and cause analysis in detail. Traditional Chinese medicine described such symptoms as the results of yin deficiency and kidney problems. Western medicine talked about middle ear inflammation, inner ear disorder caused by a buildup of fluid and changing pressure, displacement of inner ear cartilage... etc. For treatments there were descriptions on western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, therapeutic diet schemes, herbal soup recipes etc.; there were also websites teaching exercises to lessen the problems, including sit up exercises.... The readers need to determine for themselves what is true and what is not. I knew that I had to take the situation in hand. I lay back down on the bedroom. My head was still spinning and I was feeling sick to my stomach. So I decided to do the sit-up for the time being, turned my head to 45 degrees and then slowly sitting up straight. After doing the exercise several times, the dizziness seems to be subsided. I then sit cross-legged and meditated for a while. After that I got up and tried to walk a few steps. My head was spinning again and I felt nauseous. So I lay back down on the bed and thought about what to do next. Eventually I decided to try meditation in the auspicious sleeping posture. I first lay down on the right side pressing my palms against my ear to support my head maintaining my mind in a state of total awareness. While I lay on my right side, my palms could hear the heartbeat from the ear, and the inner ear felt warm. After more than ten minutes, I turned over and lay on the left side, pressing the left ear with the palm of my left hand. I felt the inner ear of my left ear getting warm again. Not long after, I heard a low and long rumbling sound emitting from the inner ear, like air being squeezed from a space and then rushed into another space. The sound emitted repeatedly for more than ten seconds and then stopped. After three to four seconds, the sound continued for another ten more seconds. Then everything fell silent. After such experience, I lay down on the left side again in the auspicious sleeping posture and began to meditate. After meditation, I continued lying there quietly with my eyes closed. The previous feeling of head spinning and nausea in the stomach was completely gone. I immediately got out of the bed and walked around. All the previous symptoms of unbalanced ear fluid disappeared, and my body functions had returned to normal.
As you can see, I have personally experienced the symptoms of the ¡§unbalance of water fluid¡¨. I have also experienced the comprehensive and fundamental protective effect of life itself. Furthermore, this substantiated the benefits of All-stages Meditation in maintaining our physical and mental health.

― Yeung Hung (October 21, 2020)

¡]Clarification Statement: The above is a description of Teacher Yeung's personal meditation experience and results. The described effects depend on the level of personal meditation practice.  It is not necessary that everyone can achieve such results.  The "auspicious sleeping posture" method of meditation has never been taught in the classroom.  Teacher Yeung does not suggest practitioners of all-stages meditation to perform such method.¡^