(Written by  David Yeung  and translated to English by Eugene Wing-King in Toronto)

Continued narrative of my self-treatment of [unbalanced ear fluid]:

I have written an article called ˇ§A record on my self-treatment of [unbalanced ear fluid]ˇ¨ on October 21, 2020 describing my experience with [unbalanced ear fluid] and how I handled it with meditation. I described how life manifested itself due to meditation and safeguarded physical and mental health. But it turned out that the [self-treatment] on that day was not the only and last one, but a series of subsequent processes. Therefore, I think it is necessary to record the complete event for future promotion and research.

After the meditation and self-treatment on October 21, my physical condition and daily life have remained the same as before. I perform meditation every day employing the standard sitting posture (sitting with my legs crossed). But the amazing thing was that for several times when I was just starting to meditate I unconsciously chose to use the auspicious sleeping posture to meditate! Why do I said ˇ§unconsciouslyˇ¨? It is as if something was driven me to follow my heart and meditated in the auspicious sleeping posture. I can only describe it as ˇ§in a spur of the momentˇ¨. I remember one time while I was in my auspicious sleeping posture, pressing my palm firmly against my left ear, I heard the heartbeat and felt the inner ear warming up. Then a little while later, I heard a sound like air being let out in the inner ear. This was just as described in my previous article, only that this time the sound was lighter and longer. It lasted for about a minute. Everything was then quiet until I completed my mediate and sat back up again. Two or three days later, I lay down in the auspicious sleeping posture again for my mediation. This time I heard a different sound from the previous one, as if the air inside of a vehicle tire was released in a series of short burst (puff...puff...puff...). The sound was very slight. It lasted for about 20 seconds and then fell silent to the end of my meditation session. On October 30th, I performed my meditation again in the auspicious lying posture, but this time the process was quite peculiar. I was pressing my left ear firmly with the left palm. Again I heard the heartbeat and felt warm. However, not long after, subconsciously the centre of my palm was pressing and making circles several times in the counterclockwise direction on my left ear. It then made circles in a clockwise direction. Then it stopped. I felt the inner ear burning hot. Not long after I felt stabbing pain in my inner ear, as if a sharp object was pricking in the ear. The feeling was very strong and lasted for about 30 seconds. Then the pain slowly subsided, and there was no more pain after I ended my meditation. In the next few days, there was no special phenomena when I meditated.

On the morning of November 3, I felt itchy in the ear canal of my left ear. I took a Q-tip to scratch and clean the tender spot. When the cotton stick was pulled out, I saw dried blood clots on the cotton head of the Q-tip (see picture). I understand that this is the result of the pain in the inner ear a few days ago. In the process of [self-treatment], the cause of the disease in the ear is dealt with, and the material that should not be left in the body are discharged. In my meditation experience, this excretion of substances from the body is not the first time. About 30 years ago, during my meditation, pus and blood were discharged from the ear. (Please refer to the second narrative quoted in my article titled "Account of My Opening of the Top Experience- Re-evolution" in 1991, namely, "Reborn - a Record of the First Day of My Meditation Self-healing Event").

This special experience once again witnessed the ability of life instincts to manifest as a result of meditation, and also verified the relevant principles of [life], [meditation] and [health] mentioned by Teacher Hsi in his works!

― Yeung Hung (November 3, 2020)

ˇ]Clarification Statement: The above is a description of Teacher Yeung's personal meditation experience and results. The described effects depend on the level of personal meditation practice.  It is not necessary that everyone can achieve such results.  The "auspicious sleeping posture" method of meditation has never been taught in the classroom.  Teacher Yeung does not suggest practitioners of all-stages meditation to perform such method.ˇ^