(Written by  David Yeung  and translated to English by Eugene Wing-King in Toronto)

Follow-up of the article titled ¡§my self-treatment of [Unbalanced ear fluid condition]¡¨:

Following the meditation experience I described in an article on October 21, 2020 titled ¡§A record on my self-treatment of [Unbalanced ear fluid]¡¨ and another article published on November 3, 2020 titled ¡§Continued narrative of my self-treatment of [Unbalanced ear fluid]¡¨, I thought I was cured from this ailment, but after a year gone by, there was a subsequent incident which once again proved that life instincts as a result of meditation fundamentally and comprehensively maintain physical and mental health. Therefore, I want to once again describe this special process of self-treatment so that it can be referenced in the future for promotion and research purposes.

After the publication of the above two self-treatment articles, my physical health and life continue to be normal. Time went by quickly, and almost a year has passed. I remember on September 29, 2021, I met with friends in a restaurant. After sitting down, my head felt a little buoyant and dizzy. But the situation did not feel serious while I was eating and talking. Everything seemed to be back to normal after I went back home. Because the symptoms this time was extremely mild and short-lived, so I didn't care much. At about 4 a.m. on October 2nd, I was suddenly awakened by severe pain in my right ear. Without thinking about it, I naturally began to meditate on the bed in the "Auspicious Sleeping Posture" style. First, I hold my head with my right palm over the right ear covering it completely and supported by my elbow. I felt the heartbeat transmitted through the palm and the inner ear heating up. After more than ten minutes, I subconsciously and slowly making circular motions several times in a clockwise direction with my pressing palm. Then I repeated the circling motions in the counterclockwise direction. The strange thing is that I could hear the squeezed air inside the ear making noise. The sound was different from the sound I heard in the left ear last time, as if there were papers rubbing each other with a rustling sound in the ear. The noise was quite piercing. After about ten minutes, I turned to the left and pressed my left palm against my left ear, doing the same circular motions, but the overall time was relatively short, and the sound of the heartbeat was lighter. There was no other noise, and there was no sensation of warmth. At this time, the pain in the right ear slowly subsided, and I continued to sleep after meditation. For the next two days, everything in my life was as usual. When I meditated there was no special phenomenon appeared.

After getting up in the morning on October 4th, I felt a little itchy at the right outer ear. So I used the nail of my pinkie to scratch the area. I saw a lot of dried blood clots on the nail. I immediately took a cotton swab stick to clean the ear canal. After pulling out the cotton swab stick, there were fragments of dried blood clots on the cotton swab (see picture). Compared with the previous outbreak of my left ear, the discharge in the right ear seems to be more than the previous time. However, the reaction to physical discomfort is mild. Another point I would like to add is that since the previous ¡§self-treatment¡¨, my hearing seems to have been enhanced, especially the high-frequency and high pitch sounds. I felt ear-piercingly harsh on the sound of cups, dishes, glassware or porcelain, clinking against each other. My nerves are extremely sensitive.

Regarding the cause and effect about my both ears, I have some questions. My first [Unbalanced ear fluid] problem was due to a cause in the left ear. After my [self-treatment], the cause of the [Unbalanced ear fluid] did not seem to be completely eliminated. One year later, the [self-treatment] mechanism was activated once more. The right ear underwent another [self-treatment] to treat the remaining disease. My questions are: Is the [Unbalanced ear fluid] caused by a defect in one ear or a defect in both ears? Why did it happen again after nearly a year? So I went to the Internet to search for relevant medical information. According to online information, there are different reasons for unbalanced ear fluid. One of them is due to inner ear dysfunction and increased ear fluid (lymph fluid). Most of them are affected by one ear only. Only about 15% of the cases are caused by ailment in both ears simultaneously. Some of the ailments may not develop until several years later. There is currently no cure for this disease, and medicines are used only to relieve the discomfort. If the cause persists and worsens, In the long run, it will impair the sense of hearing, cause hearing loss or even permanent hearing loss. In severe cases, surgery may be required to remove excessive ear fluid from the inner ear or cut off the vestibular nerve responsible for balance to reduce the function of the inner ear so as to reduce dizziness caused by obstacles. Of course, surgery also has corresponding risks, including hearing loss and facial paralysis.

This special experience once again witnessed the ability of life instincts to manifest through meditation. I remember that Master Hsi once said in his book:  [Constantly meditate, your body will get better day by day...]. It's so clear!


― David Yeung (October 4, 2021)

(Disclaimer: The above is a description of Teacher Yeung's personal meditation experience and achievements. The effect depends on the level of individual meditation practice. Not everyone can achieve this. The [Auspicious Sleeping Posture] method of meditation has never been taught by Teacher Yeung in classes. It is not encouraged for students to try.)