(Written by  David Yeung  and translated to English by Eugene Wing-King in Toronto)

Postscript of my self-treatment of [unbalanced ear fluid]:

I published an article called continued narrative of my self-treatment of [unbalanced ear fluid] on November 3, 2020, describing how my left ear was discharging with wasted blood.  On October 4, 2021, I published another follow-up article on my self-treatment of [unbalanced ear fluid], this time describing the discharge of stained blood from my right ear.  In the articles I mentioned that my [unbalanced ear fluid] symptom is due to the existing [causes] in both left and right ears.  The incidents of the blood discharges of the two ears were almost one year apart.  I re-visited the whole incidents, and realized that a strange phenomenon had happened to me during the self-treatment periods of the two ears. I felt that it is necessary for me to record the phenomenon so that this can be useful for future promotion and research.  I am hoping the public can appreciate the power of [life instinct].
One day soon after my left ear was discharging blood, while I was freshening up I found a small piece of hardened and coagulated blood scab stuck to the upper auricle of my right ear.   I felt uneasy.  I knew there has never been any injury or bite by insects or mosquitoes in that area.  I was wondering why there was a scab.  Fortunately there was no pain, itching or discomfort.  I tried to remove the crust.  But it bonded to the skin firmly.  I was concerned that area would be damaged by forcibly tearing away the scab.  It might even cause further complications.  I tried to remove it after a bath while the scab is still wet, but without any success.  It actually made the scab cracked and bled a little.  I therefore decided not to deal with it and only applied disinfectant ointment occasionally.  Later, I found that the scab gradually thickened and expanded, indicating that there was blood still discharging from time to time without me knowing it.  It is discharged, coagulated and accumulated at this location, causing the scab to gradually increase.  The scab was unsightly, but nothing much I could do.  I felt that it has no effect on my health and daily life, so I ignored it.  The only thing I could do is to continue observing its changes.
After blood was discharged from my right ear on October 4, 2021, I ignored the existence of the blood scab.  Then more than ten days later, while I was washing in the morning, I paid special attention to that area.  I found the gray-brownish scab almost completely gone.  Only a tiny residue remained (see picture).

In this incidence, I made the following analysis and judgment:

1. When the symptoms of [unbalanced ear fluid] appeared for the first time, it was making my head swim.  I felt dizzy, unsteady and nausea.  I knew I had to deal with it immediately, otherwise my health would be seriously affected.  With meditation, my [Life Instinct] activated the [Self-healing] mechanism, which quickly discharged blood that was full of waste from my left ear, solving the problem.
2. Inherently knowing that the right ear was still having problems, but it did not constitute an immediate effect on the body, the [Life Instinct] continued its work, and discharged the wasted blood in the right ear in another way.  It chose to discharge and accumulate wasted blood in a relatively obscure area of the auricle reducing or avoiding the inconvenience or impact on the individual.  After many months of discharging wasted blood, the effects of [unbalanced ear fluid] to my health were minimized.  So on September 29, 2021, when the symptom occurred, the indisposition of my body is very slight. Eventually the wasted blood in the right ear is completely drained away, and the problem of [unbalanced ear fluid] has been resolved.

3. About the above-mentioned [life instinct] treatments for my left and right ear problems, I call the former method as [emergency treatment],  where-else the latter as [gradual treatment].  No matter which method is used for the treatment, the [self-treatment] through meditation seems to solve the [unbalanced ear fluid] problem.  But has the disease been completely eradicated?  I will leave this question to the [Life Instinct] itself to answer that!

From the beginning to the end of the incidents, I have repeatedly quoted the meditation principle mentioned by Master Hsi in his works: [...We do not interfere with life, life will have appropriate arrangements...].  I hope that friends will encourage each other to work hard on meditation and propel to a healthy and happy life!

(Picture taken on 18th October, 2021)

ww  David Yeung (28th October, 2021)

(Disclaimer: The relevant article describes Teacher Yeung's personal meditation experience and achievements. The effect depends on the level of personal meditation practice.  Not everyone can achieve a similar results.  Teacher Yeung does not encourage all-stages meditation practitioners or anyone to give up traditional treatment  ― Yeung Hung)