(Written by  David Yeung  and translated to English by Eugene Wing-King in Toronto)

Hepatitis B and Meditation                (November 19, 2021)

:I used to be a hepatitis B carrier!;, I told people.  Most of them would regard this claim as impossible.  They felt unbelievable, and being ridiculed because with the current medical technology and measure, once anyone is infected with hepatitis B virus, the only thing that one can do is to take good care of one・s daily life, maintaining the optimal level of health and preventing deterioration.  The administration of drugs is just to suppress the self-replication of viral genes in liver cells.  If autoimmunity fails to change the situation, most patients need to take medication for life.  If the disease is worsening, chronic Hepatitis B can cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.  It is basically impossible for the hepatitis B virus to completely disappear and cure it (Note: There are numerous knowledge and information related to hepatitis B on the Internet, you can go online and search, so I won・t repeat it here).

This article describes a meditation experience that I had many years ago.  This is a testimony on how I changed from a hepatitis B carrier to an antibody carrier, proven the great benefits of [All-Stages Meditation] and the power of [life instinct].  This specific case enlightened our attitude towards meditation very much, so I think it is necessary to record it for references in the study of meditation.

I was born in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong society does not have a medical system and policy like Canada, which provides citizens with regular and undifferentiated health check-ups in order to detect diseases as early as possible and prevent them from happening.  Therefore, Hong Kong people often seek medical treatment only when they are ill.  Very few people will go for a physical examination at their own expenses without reasons.  If someone asked me when I was infected with the hepatitis B virus, I really couldn・t answer it.  But how did I know that I was a hepatitis B carrier?  That was when I applied for immigration, I had to provide a medical report required by the Canadian government.  I therefore did a comprehensive physical examination for that particular purpose.  When the report came out, the doctor pointed out that I was a hepatitis B carrier.  This was a :thunderbolt from the blue; to me.  First, it was difficult for me to accept this fact.  And secondly, I was afraid that my immigrant visa application might be rejected.  But the doctor then indicated that fortunately my liver function was normal, even though I was carrying the virus, it would not affect my visa application.  After hearing this, I was relieved and as if I had been given an amnesty.  Although the doctor gave a series of explanations, I still could not suppress my horrifying and panicky feelings.  I could not hear a single word of what he was saying (laughing).  I only remember that I asked the doctor if I could get an injection and take medication promptly.  The doctor explained that the vaccine would produce anti-body, but only for those people that had not been infected yet.  If one had already infected with the virus, the vaccine would not be effective.  What I could only do, he suggested, was to maintain good health, pay attention to daily life and diet, do not smoke, do not drink, do not overwork, do not stay up late in the night, and rest more...  Regular blood tests were also required to monitor changes in my liver function.  But after all, I lived in a dynamic society, and life must continued.  Because of living, socializing and calling up friends to get together, smoking, drinking alcohol, entertaining and nightlife were unavoidable, the doctor・s words were gradually forgotten.

Since I immigrated to Canada in 1995, every year my blood test report still showed that I was a carrier.  In the past, through my persistent practices of meditation, the manifestation of the life instincts had made many miraculous which adjusted and changed my health for the better.  I was wondering why the meditation had not help my hepatitis B disease yet.  Although I feel puzzled, I understood that beside meditation there was really nothing much I could do.

Time past quickly and it was 2012.  I did not expect that the physical examination report came back negative.  I was no longer a hepatitis carrier (see Figure 1).  The doctor could not explain the reasons, saying that there were examples of hepatitis B disappearing spontaneously in medical records.  The immune system may have changed due to some reasons, he claimed.  The following year, in 2013, the report actually showed that I had hepatitis B antibody (see Figure 2).  The annual medical examination reports over these two years had lifted my confusion and doubt.  Later, thinking about what happened over the years, it suddenly dawned on me.

Recalling a day more than ten years ago, after I emptied my bowl, I discovered there was blood discharged.  The amount was not much, only about a dozen drops.  The discharge continued for two or three days and then completely stopped.  For this reason, the family doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist for detailed examination, including X-ray and rectal endoscopy.  Strangely the laboratory report showed that everything was normal and nothing was found.  The doctor could not tell the cause of the bleeding.  He only said it was accidental and it was good to know that there is no problem with my body.  Since then, the blood discharge occurred about three times a year. By reason that I had done medical checkup before, and I did not have any sign of poor health, I felt that this might be a phenomenon caused by my practice of meditation.  Therefore I studied and watched this closely with a research mentality.  I didn・t anticipate the result to be so unexpected.

As the teacher of the [All-Stages Meditation] and the promoter of the [Self-Aware Consciousness] movement, and from the perspective of studying meditation, I made the following analysis and inferences:

1.   According to my living environment and eating habits, I believe that I was infected with hepatitis B virus when I was a child.  After I entered the workforce, I was under pressure constantly at work.  Not knowing how to behave, I started smoking, drinking alcohol, enjoying nightlife... etc.  My health turned poorly very quickly.  Luckily I was acquainted with the [All-Stages Meditation].  My life was saved.  (You can refer to the article [Account of My :Opening of the Top; Experience - :Re-evolution;] I uploaded in January 2015 to understand the ups and downs after my introduction to the [All-Stages Meditation]).

2.   Although the life-threatening health problems have been resolved, chronic hepatitis B is still a major problem affecting my health.

3.  In order to maintain and improve the individual・s health, [Life Instinct] activates the [self-healing] mechanism to produce healthy cells to replace the virus-carrying cells.  The viral blood was collected then delivered from the liver to the rectum, and discharged with the stool.

4.  The above-mentioned [self-treatment] process did not happen overnight, but took a long time to process.  It took almost 20 years from start to final verification of antibodies.
My analysis and inference above make us realize that [life instinct] is the guardian of our health which manifests by practicing meditation, and is not caused by any [external force].  [All-Stages Meditation] is different from other efforts, conscious intents, and phenomenon-oriented exercises and methods.  [All-Stages Meditation] is real, unique, and incomparable.  Some practitioners of All-Stages Meditation may feel that there is no [progress] after practicing for a period of time. They lose the confidence to meditate and stop sticking to it.  This is a pity.  In this described case, it indicates meditation must be persevering.  Our health will gradually move towards progress.  Perhaps there is no obvious change detected on the surface, but the benefits of meditation have been working unconsciously, improving health.  Master Hsi often said: :As long as you practice meditation, the body will get better day by day...;.  It is true and a great quote.  I hope that practitioners of All-Stages Meditation will encourage each other in this respect.

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

X Yeung Hung (November 19, 2021)

(Disclaimer: The above is a description of the fact that I, as a tutor of [All-Stages Meditation] and a promoter of the [Conscious Awareness] movement, choose to face and deal with diseases with the attitude described in the article based on my understanding of the principles of meditation and understanding of life.  It does not conform to the traditional medical treatment methods or is somewhat deviated. This choice is purely my personal decision, with a view to discuss and research health and disease issues and the principles of meditation.  I am only responsible for my own choices and health.  I have no intention to give instructions or hints, encourage, instigate or influence anyone to imitate the practice. The effectiveness of meditation and the ability to fight disease depend on the level and achievement of each person・s meditation practice.  Not everyone can achieve this.  Teacher Yeung does not encourage members of the All-Stages Meditation practitioner or anyone to abandon the traditional treatments.      X  Yeung Hung)